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67 Washed Stone Gravel

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Washed Gravel Products The Stone Store carries an assortment of sand and gravel products for a wide variety of projects. In bulk or by the bag sand and gravel is available for pick up or delivery.

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Glacial Sand & Stone. The Glacial Sand and Gravel pit produces material from either dredging or running dry bank through the plant. The Glacial pit has a range of materials that are natural, washed, crushed and processed, and it even has a select number of limestone products.

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57 stone gravel 57 stone is an aggregate material suitable for driveways, parking lots, construction site entrances, and pipe bedding among other things. The specifications are 1″ minus with very little powder.

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Aggtrans carries a wide assortment of construction aggregates including washed gravel, roofing gravel and crushed stone products.

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To use the Stone Calculator: Enter the width, length, and thickness of your job, Select the thickness in feet or inches Click on either Base Stone, Drain Stone, or Custom Density selection.

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A natural stone available at both our Billings and Roe Jan plants is processed to create a uniform and clean product which can be used in a variety of applications. WASHED 1" GRAVEL

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Real life stone, gravel and sand densities (weight / volume) vary widely: The local quarry or supplier which you elect to use should be able to provide the densities (tons / cubic yard) of their unique gravel, which they are quoting to you.

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Commonly used for driveways or gravel paths. Compacts well. #67 Washed Stone: 3/4" gray granite crushed stone (loose stone, no screenings). Commonly used for drainage layer under concrete and for mixing concrete.

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Gravel: Bank Gravel: under concrete - driveway . 1.5 tons per yard #8 Washed Stone .25" stones - dog kennels, under concrete. 1.35 tons per yard #57 Washed Stone

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Concrete Aggregates - LANNON STONE . Washed 2 Stone is a very clean, washed clear gravel well-graded from 3/4″ to 1 1/2″, designed to meet the Wisconsin DOT spec for Coarse Concrete Aggregates #2 ...

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Double A Hauling, Inc. offers a variety of products (pictured below) and services to meet the needs of our customers. Please note that delivery dates, times and availability are dependent on location and weather. ... # 67 Washed Stone Gravel ... A combination of granite & diorite gives the wash stone a gray-rose color that when wet really gives ...

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Great for sitting areas 67 washed stone packs almost by itself and easily, to move around using a round shovel. # 5 W ashed Stone Gravel …

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9 Gravel rice size #8 Gravel pea size #67 Gravel pea size and nickle,quarter size mix #57 Gravel nickle,quarter size #4 Gravel golf ball,egg size #2 Gravel lemon size

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An informative site giving the types and prices of materials, location of the site and other pertinent information to potential customers.

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An informative site giving the types and prices of materials, location of the site and other pertinent information to potential customers.

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Gravel and Stone Sizes #10 Description (Smallest) Also called screenings. 1/8 of inch and smaller. ... Available in limestone, and washed gravel. #67 Description An uncommon size of stone ranging from ¼ to ¾ inch. Workable by hand but not many materials are available in this size. Available in lucky stones.

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#78M Clean Washed Stone #67 Gravel – 3/4″ ... #78M Clean Washed Stone. This construction and landscaping material is washed and screened to produce a clean and uniform gravel. Often simply called Pea Gravel, old-timers call it Chat, but these are inaccurate, generic terms.

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Product Description. Variety stone. Assortment of earth tone colors ranging from tan, beige, brown, and white with hints of grey. Use as a low maintenance groundcover for walkways, drive ways, flower beds & patio areas.

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Find the Oldcastle 50 lb. 3/4 in. Crushed Stone Gravel 40200015, suitable for use in custom concrete mixes gravel interlocks for good compaction at The Home Depot

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Washed 1 Stone is a very clean, washed clear gravel graded from 3/16″ to 3/4″, but predominantly above 3/8" and designed to meet the Wisconsin DOT spec for Coarse Concrete Aggregates #1 (AASHTO No. 67).

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Use 67 washed stone for bottom layer for pavers here in Raleigh and Wake Forest NC areas.

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#57 gravel: Sizes, Prices & Uses. ... limestone, trap rock. After being washed, this particular type of gravel offers a smooth, clean look to many landscaping and construction projects. ... Buying #57 Crushed Gravel in NJ. Braen Stone is the most gravel supplier of #57 crushed gravel and other gravel products in NJ and its surrounding areas ...


Crushed stone differs from gravel in that gravel has a more rounded shape and is made by the natural processes of weathering and erosion. Crushed stone is one of the most common and accessible natural resources on the planet.

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This is a naturally occurring stone. The stones vary in color from gray to brown to tan and are rounded and smooth. It is not a crushed stone so it does not have any edges or corners. Sold by the ton, approximately 1.4 tons per cubic yard.

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Our Rock & Gravel Sales include: Check out more of our rock and gravel sample in the Gallery or. call us today at: 334-271-5008. Tri County's rock and gravel source! Area Sand & Gravel provides rock and gravel sales to residential and commercial customers throughout the Tri County Alabama from our Wetumpka, AL location. ... Washed River Gravel ...

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# 57 Washed Stone Gravel: Gray in color, 1/2-3/4 inch in size average,drainage gravel, use for top layer for driveways after good base of crush & run. #67 Stone is .5 inches to 1 inch in size. #67 is dry screened.

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About #67 Gravel Stone #67 Stone is used as gravel for drainage and driveways. The size of the aggregate is 3/4 of an inch and down.

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Quikrete 50 lb. All-Purpose Gravel is a multi-use product for a variety of decorative and landscaping applications. This product has been washed and properly graded for consistency. It can also be used for structural applications when combined with other materials, such as portland cement and ...

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Gravel #78M Clean Washed Stone #67 Gravel – 3/4″ ... #67 Gravel will not do as well when placed directly on soil or when spread on steep areas. It will gradually sink into dirt, especially under traffic. On a steep slope it will move in the direction of rainwater and traffic, exposing whatever is underneath. ...

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ASTM 57 Stone Specifications By Tamara Wilhite ... foundation beds and gravel walkways. credit: Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images. Assortment of ASTM 57 stones ... type of aggregate are porous. According to "Materials for Sustainable Sites" by Meg Calkins, "larger sizes such as 57, 67 and 78 will have more rapid permeability and little ...

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This is an excerpt of the official AASHTO Gradations page. The numbers shown are representative of percentages of a sample of stone which will pass through an opening the size of which is defined in the above row.

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Sand, Gravel, Soil, Limestone, Decorative Stones, Mulches, Compost WE HAVE COMPLETED 15.000 ORDERS SINCE 2011 - REQUEST YOUR FREE QUOTE NOW! ... #67 Gravel Stone #789 Pea Gravel Stone #8 Pea Gravel Stone #89 Gravel Stone (P1) ... Washed #5 Gravel Stone: Calculate 2B Gravel:

Calculating gravel tonnage, cubes, and sand and earth.

Enter dimensions for a circle, rectangle, etc. Convert yards to tons, square ft to tons, or tons to yards. I know how many tons I need, I just need a cost estimate